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BEST POEM / Re: 645
« on: June 25, 2019, 06:24:20 pm »
This poem is about the bombing of Guernica, a Basque Country town in northern Spain, by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy at the request of the Spanish Nationalists. Won the medal of honor in Writers Association of BraganÁa Paulista.

« on: June 25, 2019, 06:18:37 pm »
The light could not overtake the barrier of the glass reaching the freedom from the external world.

Life masked by a glass freedom could not reach the light from the black barrier.

The fury and hate without limits of the evil perpetrators were heavier than the bombs buzzing.

The rain rushed without limits in the ashes of a world that only breathes in the memory.

The light masked by the fury of the bombs of the evil perpetrators breathed in the hate ashes.

The external world couldnít reach the heaviest light on the ashes of the fury masked in the memory.

The barrier of the glass freedom heavier than ashes of the evil breathed a world in the memory.

The bombs rain light freedom destroys life in the world. In the memory the ashes breathe.

The lack of liberty. The weight of hate. The bombs rain ashes. The life that doesnít breathe.

The light. The masked life. The bombs. The rain. The ashes. The world. The barrier. The liberty.

The darkness. The death stamped. The debris. The blood. The mud. The dirty. The wickedness.

Iluntasuna. Heriotza. Suntsitzea. Odola. Lokatzetan. Osasunerako kaltegarria da. Maltzurkeriaz da.

Mauricio R B Campos

« on: June 25, 2019, 06:16:18 pm »
Arturo de Oliveira, writer of several successful detective novels called his editor, Walter Mariot to learn what he thought of his fourth book:
W: Hello?
A: Hi, itís Arturo, howís going?
W: Everything ok. When are you sending me the rest of the manuscript?
A: Thereís no rest of manuscript, it finishes right there, in page 478.
W: But how about the end of the story? Donít you know the reader will want to know what happens with investigator Orlando? How about his arch enemy? Someone has to set an end to the atrocities of the villain, or Iím not right?
A: Stephen King always wanted to write a book without an end, but if he cannot write, I canÖ
W: Only if it is with another editor, my friend Ė Walter interrupted, the tone of voice rising. Ah, címon, itís not serious, stop cheating, please Ė he went on, in a conciliatory tone, as one who knows heís the victim of a joke.
A: This fourth book will be a gift for my readers, stop with the hero journey.
W: The hero journey sells.
A: But this old trick is broadly known, my dearest. You see, the first volume, Orlando and the TlŲn mystery, the investigator is induced to an adventure in a typical hero journey. In the second volume, Orlando and the light-giving eternity, I took to the exhaustion the method of the New Yorkís Actorís Studio, two narrators, two truths, one reader stuck up to the last paragraph of the last page to know what the true version is. The third volume, Orlando in the Trinity Little Island, I put in action the classical enigma of the murder in the closed room, a murder, several suspects, all stuck in an island. And now, in the fourth volume I lead the reader to another threshold, a story that flows to an astonishing climax and end up abruptly without beating around the bush and without explanations: as an athlete that decides to quit at the top of his career. Thatís whatís been missing in the detective novels: vanguardist boldness and strength!
W: Look, Arturo, we have an agreement and will respect it, since you want it to be soÖ I will forward it to the proofreading.
A: Donít worry; it will be the great revolution of the modern Brazilian literature!
W: Ok.


Arturo and Walter only met again three months later, in the book release, in one of the shops of the Curitiba Bookstores. The author took his novel for the first time, enraptured for the cover neatly worked. He thought the volume to be thick like a BolaŮo, his luck numbers, 478. He opened it in the last page to see his numbers again, friends: 657. 657? He looked at his editor. He kept the look. Shot him with the look. Walter cleared his throat and whispered in the ear of Arturo that a ghost writer finished the service. The author took the volume and looked for a comfortable armchair, asked the little girl for a coffee and opened the book in page 478.
ó What is this, man are you going to read it now? The guests are coming!
He took the coffee cup, sweetened it, stirred it and took a sip of coffee:
ó Ask your ghost writer to come autograph it, because Iím curious to know the end of the story, by the way, will Orlando win his arch enemy or not?

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