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From my book “The Horrors of Cryptocurrency”
« on: June 04, 2019, 12:05:20 am »
Chapter 3

Poof All Gone

Have you ever had a bad day when you wish you weren't even born on this earth?

Well I did because after all that hard work accumulating BTC it was all gone from my Bitcoin Wallet on can't even log in because my old account was compromised by hackers.

To this day I have absolutely no idea how someone got into my BTC wallet, but I investigated and was "phishing" by hacker(s) on actually cloned the website and stole BTC from people. Today is no different they got millions of BTC addresses right at their finger tips. Whenever they see 1000 or more BTC in an address they will find ways to exploit stealing it from people.

I also lost BTC in Pyramid Schemes thinking I will get triple the amount but didn’t get no BTC in 24 hours.I sent BTC to the address and got nothing in return.Please DO NOT send your BTC to people promising in 24-72 hours you will get 10x-100x Bitcoin or ANY alt-coin.

It is a SCAM!

Go here and study all the scams for your safeguard.

Also, DO NOT send your BTC to pay for a “mining fee” in a website telling you they exploit BTC and alt-coins- nothing but a scam.

Now there are “Crypto Celebrities” on Twitter that do the following:

1.Create a coin and hype it up
2.Put it on exchanges to pump up the price
3.Gather a huge following
4.Wait until the ATH to sell
5.Profit millions or billions of dollars
6.Sometimes dump the coin leaving Bag HODLers in the dust with worthless coins

This could be a precursor to an “exit scam” or simply their project was unsuccessful because there were no partnerships. So they “stepped down” from their position and left their project run by itself giving false hope to their followers.

This been going on for years not to mention the fake names on Facebook, Medium and Twitter. There are scammers that are very clever asking people to send them BTC or ETH.

But in reality use a link to refer people and in fact is a Key logger. This happened to me after supposedly Justin Sun, was giving away TRX and got into unofficial TRON website. I accidentally posted my MEW Private Key(My Ether Wallet) and hours later lost over 4,000 TRX.

Please make sure you log in to the official Tronscan Blockchain website. The REAL tronscan website has “HTTPS” with a small padlock icon(gray or green) in the URL. That’s SSL certified which means hackers cannot mess with the website because it’s secured.The fake one is only or without the icon.

That’s unsecured!

Phishers or hackers can clone a website and steal people’s information. Check the website before putting in your Private Key or you will kiss your TRX and TRC- 20 tokens goodbye.
One word of advice: If somebody on social media is acting like a celebrity, posting about receiving free cryptocurrency, and asking to send them BTC, TRX and ETH that is a scam.

And PLEASE DO NOT post your Private Key unless it’s an official website of your cryptocurrency wallet(s) or your Cryptocurrency will vanish away.

Luckily, the hacker didn't steal my other tokens because I stole the Ether he sent to my My Ethereum Wallet(MEW) and didn't bother with it ever again.

I regained it back!

But going back to where I left off in Chapter 2 about an exchange called Askcoin. So I had 50,000 CZAR coin and 1 million of TET coin I was waiting patiently for both to be pumped by the bots on the exchange. (Yes by bots just like on Binance today).

For months, I will exchange my coins for BTC but then I started noticing weird things happening.One time, I login and it was giving me “error messages”. I typed my login info many times until finally I got into the website.

Later it got worse when people on Twitter started posting Askcoin was a scam. It turns out the owner of the website was running bots to draw in more customers(call it the first Bitcoin Tether artificial pump from December 2017)

Also,I bought 1000 BTC on Mt.Gox thinking I’ll become rich so I left my Bitcoin on the exchange. On 2014 it shut down and lost all my BTC. My dreams were shattered.Hopefully I get them back someday!

Please DO NOT leave ALL your cryptocurrency on exchanges I learned the hard way.

Literally TET coin will pump up to $5 per coin it was ridiculous, so I took advantage and capitalized and later it dropped to $0.01.

During that time there were no other exchanges accepting TET and Czar coins just Askcoin which was another “red flag” to me.Months had passed and the bots stopped both coins got dumped very hard. After that Askcoin said they were “bankrupted” and shutdown the website.The total amount of both coins was 2000 BTC all gone in a single day. I believe I once had 240,000 Doge there as well but that’s gone to.

Lesson 3#

Don’t get too greedy or you will see your money grow wings and fly away

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